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Sunday: 10:00am - 8pm
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Really good BBQ! Better than the place downtown Austin. Spicy Sausage is just that, spicy. Give this place a try.

Darius Sayers

I recently travelled down to Austin for a writer’s seminar for Betboo and stayed in a quaint guesthouse off Highway 71. Although breakfast was included, I was disappointed to find that I had to look for somewhere else to eat dinner though, the owners recommended a local eatery called Donn’s Texas BBQ, and I am super impressed. I was over the moon that I could have my meals there and in fact, for three days I had my lunches and dinners there and was sorry to leave. I ate the best brisket I have ever eaten and although I would never tell that to my mother, the best Pecan Pie in the world!

Zeliha Özdemir
Content Writer

My boyfriend knows if he wants to see me happy, not that I am ever unhappy, he must treat me to a Friday night at Donn’s Texas BBQ. I have eaten at many restaurants and grill in my life, but if you love Beef Ribs as much as I do, you will never enjoy them anywhere else again. Even there Pork ribs are delicious, although it is a messy story and I need a wash afterwards, the comfortable homely atmosphere inside and friendly staff make you feel right at home. Arthur, that is my boyfriend, obviously swears by the three-meat combo and finish that off with Peach Cobbler!

Mindy Botha

I get to travel quite often with my friend who manages Casino Uzmanı and one of the benefits is that he needs my assistance in arranging events, managing his diary and everything else in between. When he went down to Austin two weeks ago, I was with, and stopping at this old-fashioned restaurant with its tin roof I was sure he is really worried about our budget and already decide I would pretend not to be hungry. Walking into that family owned BBQ and witnessing the food of fellow guests at busy tables my mouth watered. I even took a number three combo, which feeds a family of four to six home as take out and promised myself I would definitely go there again and leave a comment to thank the great staff and compliments to their extraordinary chef.

Ashley Clements

Working in downtown Austin, a few miles south of Highway 71, where the road forms a Y-intersection is the only place my office gets our lunches from. Obviously, I often treat my family with dinners and weekend outings as well, but it is a usual sight to have our driver delivering our lunches just before two in the afternoon. The owners knows us so well that when we forget to order we get our friendly reminder that we must order in time for lunch. The absolute best BBQ Sandwiches and other meals, which I usually leave for dinners with the family. However, do yourself a favor try their Brisket sandwich or two-meat combo, you will be back!

Tony Parks

I’ve eaten at a lot of barbecue places in Texas and this is The Best! This is barbecue I grew up on and I’m never disappointed by their fast food, friendly service and Amazing Barbecue!

Jenna Haak

Best bbq and fried catfish! They are very friendly and treat you right.

Ora Aranda-Richardson

If you live in Texas, or pass through Austin, you should not miss or give Donn’s Texas BBQ a miss or you miss out on the best meal in the whole of the United States, never mind only Texas. You cannot miss it and as inconspicuous at it appears from the outside with its old-style brick and tin roof, you will be pleasantly surprised with the interiors and best tender and lip-smacking meats served.

Paul Post
Sales Executive